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truth > lies has now merged!

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on February 8, 2006

To better serve you, the reader, truth > lies has now merged blogs with Someone Took In These Pants. You can still see JohnnyCougar dismantle the most egregious and insidious of Republican propaganda at this new location. In the wake of increased schoolwork, truth > lies editor JohnnyCougar feels unable to singlehandedly keep up with correcting the sheer volume of Republican misinformation that abounds, and has now partnered up with Robola. This blog merger will allow us to discern more truth from the morass of Republican lies to better serve the reader. JohnnyCougar thanks you for your readership, and invites you to the next level of blogging:

Someone Took In These Pants.

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  1. I think the singles court for KingCo should remain. If this level is meant for 4.5-5.0 players I think most clubs will struggle filling those 6 positions on a weekly basis with that level of player. KingCo already plays the most matches, at least last season so I believe requiring another player every week with dilute the level of play. I believe the season should end the last week of Feb and not go into March in any level. Come on

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