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To better serve you, the reader, truth > lies has now merged blogs with Someone Took In These Pants. You can still see JohnnyCougar dismantle the most egregious and insidious of Republican propaganda at this new location. In the wake of increased schoolwork, truth > lies editor JohnnyCougar feels unable to singlehandedly keep up with correcting the sheer volume of Republican misinformation that abounds, and has now partnered up with Robola. This blog merger will allow us to discern more truth from the morass of Republican lies to better serve the reader. JohnnyCougar thanks you for your readership, and invites you to the next level of blogging:

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Bush’s Wiretapping Collapsing Like a House of Cards

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on February 7, 2006

The latest information has leaked out about Bush’s vastly illegal domestic spying program.  Apparently, stats from a leak from the NSA show about 5,000 US citizens were wiretapped.  And that’s only to this person’s knowledge.  Only about ten per year have been judged legitimate to investigate further.  This, of course, means (other than Fascism is at your doorstep) that 99% of those Americans that are spied on are innocent.  According to one government official:

The minimum legal definition of probable cause, said a government official who has studied the program closely, is that evidence used to support eavesdropping ought to turn out to be “right for one out of every two guys at least.”

Ouch…that’s gotta hurt Bush’s case.  The big revelation here is that it clearly reveals that totally innocent Americans are being searched.  This applies to everyone.  It’s not just about terrorists anymore.  The fact that only 10 calls per year through this method are even taken to the next step in survellance shows that we have a problem.  We don’t even know if anyone has been arrested via this proceedure yet.

This could possibly explain why Bush didn’t even bother to get FISA warrants.  But if they are only getting a 1% hit rate, who else are they spying on?  Without a court (or anyone else, for that matter) reviewing who Bush is wiretapping, this program could conceivably be used to spy on political opponents.  If Bush really thought this was necessary, he could have just changed the law, and implemented some sort of checks and balances or oversight to this program.  In fact, if he were using the spying program for legitimate purposes, there is no reason to believe that he wouldn’t have done this.  The fact that he did this against the law and tried to keep it a secret suggests other motives.