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Katie Couric Wrong About Abramoff; Dean Corrects Her

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on January 27, 2006

On the Today Show, Howard Dean correctly insisted that Democrats did not get “one dime” of Abramoff money. Unfortunately, Couric interrupted him to interject the Republican falsehood that has been circulating around saying Democrats took Abramoff money. In fact, Couric was citing a wholly misleading report grouping donations to politicians from the tribes that Abramoff once worked for together with Abramoff’s personal donations. Media Matters has the video.

After Dean corrected the misleading claim that Couric recited, Couric promised to look into it and clarify it to viewers at a later date. Help Couric look into this issue by sending her an e-mail ( explaining the facts to her. Here is the truth > lies letter:

To clarify the dispute between Katie and Howard Dean on your show this morning, the FEC website has recorded zero Abramoff contributions to Democrats, and scores of Abramoff contributions to Republicans. Dean was absolutely correct in his assertion that Democrats have not taken one dime from Jack Abramoff.

The misleading report that Couric was citing on the show deceptively groups donations from every tribe Abramoff ever worked for together and calls it Abramoff money. The fact is, many of those tribes were making perfectly legal contributions to Democrats before Abramoff even was hired by the tribes. And Abramoff was by far not the only lobbyist employed by the tribes.

Abramoff also once worked for Microsoft. With the logic used in the report Couric cited, any politician who has also taken a donation from Microsoft has also received “Abramoff money.”

I am sure Couric’s confusion was not ill intended, but I ask her and the Today Show staff to keep their eyes open to prevent repeating false and misleading Republican propaganda in the future. It is unreasonable to assume, today, that documents and information coming from right-wing sources have any basis in fact at all.

Thank you for your understanding,

Use this letter as inspiration and write your own! 🙂


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