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truth > lies&#174 Welcomes the FBI and NSA to Its Webpage

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on December 19, 2005

In light of the news that the American government under the Bush administration is spying on peace protestors, truth > lies&#174 would like to issue a warm-hearted welcome to the government agents monitoring anti-war activities in this country, thanks in part to the USA PATRIOT Act. In this time of trouble, it is important for our government to track the activities of people who advocate for peace, because after all, they might just love the terrorists. See, peaceful people are really just dissidents that want to blow stuff up. That’s why the government needs to secretly track opposition to its violent policies.

And according to this article, even the Quakers are posing a threat to America. Yes, that’s right, an innocent group of Quakers threatens the government in control of the most weapons in the history of the world. That’s why we need to spy on them. An excerpt:

To the rest of us, the revelation in the New York Times that the National Security Agency has been eavesdropping on people within the United States without judicial warrants was stunning. In one of the more egregious cases of governmental overreach in the aftermath of 9/11, Bush secretly authorized the monitoring, without any judicial oversight, of international phone calls and e-mail messages from the United States.

The news came on the same day that Congress voted not to extend controversial aspects of the soon-to-expire Patriot Act, and on the heels of disturbing reports that the Pentagon’s shadowy Counterintelligence Field Activity office has been keeping tabs on domestic antiwar groups, including monitoring Quaker meetings, under the guise of protecting military installations. The program is reminiscent of official efforts to spy on antiwar groups in the 1960s.

Yeah…the Quakers are going to overthrow the government here by stoning the president with their hats……or something. That’s why we need to spy on them.


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