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Dear Bill O’Reilly

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on December 5, 2005

Dear Bill O’Reilly,

You do not understand Christmas.  Nor do you understand Jesus.  If anyone is starting a War on Christmas, it is you.  Your ranting and raving about commerce dissociating itself with the name Christmas in the last months of the year has turned Jesus’ birthday into a political war.  Is nothing sacred with you?  Is the day Christ was born just a pile of political fodder for you?  An opportunity to raise your ratings?  Do you really know the principles of Christ?  Do you have any clue as to the principals on which this country was founded?

My ancestors founded this country.  They have been here since the early 1700’s.  I would like to know how long your ancestors have been here.  How long?  Do you know why my ancestors came here?  Because the wanted freedom of religion!  They were being tortured and burned at the stake because their religion did not match up with that of the government at the time.  They came here because they wanted a place where religion had nothing to do with government, and vice versa.  They did this because they knew the perils of living in a country where the government decided the religion for the people.  Every time you lobby for more religion in government, you slap my ancestors and the founders of this country in the face.  They founded this country so they could practice their religion, not their government, you nitwit.  They did this because they were Christians being persecuted by other Christians!  Ever had the Reichstag put a price on your head, Bill O’Reilly?

Furthermore, my ancestors knew Jesus.  They knew him as a humble man who cared not about shopping and materialism and consumerism.  He didn’t care about material gifts, He cared about spiritual gifts.  You mock His name every time you associate Christmas with materialism.  Do you think Jesus would boycott a store because it didn’t say “Merry Christmas?”  Do you think Jesus would even care?  He would not waste His time with trivialities such as those you are engaging in.  He would be spreading His word of Peace, Love, and Understanding.  I doubt you, Bill O’Reilly, have the courage to show anybody love.  All I ever hear coming out of your mouth is hate and complaints.  Jesus cared about selflessness, not ratings.  Jesus cared about the spiritual health of others, not the economic health of shopping centers.  Jesus believed that faith resided inside your heart, not on a sign outside Wal Mart.  The one time Jesus got mad was at the money changers in the Temple.  Well you, sir, are a money changer in the temple.  You are turning Jesus’ birthday into a political opportunity.  You are making an issue out of this for ratings.  And you mock Him by making His birthday an economic issue over a triviality.  And you mock my ancestors and the founders of this country everytime you try to bring religion into politics and government.

Bill O’Reilly, you are a mockery of everything Jesus, the founders of America, and my ancestors stood for.  And I am not going to take it anymore.  And I have friends.  LOTS OF THEM!  So the next time you or anyone tries to put God into the government, or put the words “under God” into the pledge of allegiance, you better hope Jesus doesn’t come again and upturn your money changing tables.  And you better hope that my ancestors and the founding fathers of the United States of America don’t haunt your sorry ass for the rest of your life.




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