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Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on November 17, 2005

I leave you with little commentary for this clip. This is Representative John Murtha (D – PA) telling like it is and then some. I might just send him a flower bouquet. 🙂 Or maybe something more manly…whatever…just watch the clip!


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  1. Robola said,

    There’s nothing more manly than flowers… freedom flowers, that is.

  2. JohnnyCougar said,

    And there’s nothing as bitter as “failure fries.” Can’t you just see Bush and Cheney at the dinner table…”Pass the failure fries, Dick.”

  3. Robola said,

    Heh, then they each take pieces of “Huge, giant miserable sacks of shit” Ham and sit quietly.

  4. Robola said,

    There’s someone from the Journal Sentinel checking out my blog. The weird thing is, their domain name is Michels-USA. The same Michels that ran for the senate against Feingold. Weird…

  5. JohnnyCougar said,

    How do you find out which URL’s or names are looking at your blog?

    I’d love to debate some conservatives on mine!

  6. Robola said,

    I put sitemeter on my site. It has info on where everyone is coming from.

  7. Bru said,

    Do you have the original video of Murtha on the House floor?

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