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Stay Tuned In the Following Days: The truth > lies&#174 Great Republican Scandal Project is Coming!

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on November 15, 2005

Within the next week or so, I will attempt to compose a both simple and complex explanation of the top five or so Republican scandals that are dangerous for this country, and will link all five of them to top Republican officials, including Bush and Cheney themselves. The scope of the corruption of the Republican party is alarming, and my hope is to put in perspective how important a Democratic victory in 2006 will be for this country. This country truly is being ruled by a bunch of out-of-control frat boys, mobsters, and conjurers all with one common thread uniting them all: Greed. There are three distinct factions running this country:

  1. The PNAC – The Project For a New American Century – A group of Neoconservative policymakers (including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush and Paul Wolfowitz) on a very serious quest for world domination. They were nice enough to publish many documents proving this, as well as a Statement of Principles which they all signed.
  2. The George W. Bush crew – Led by Karl Rove, this crew is more responsible for the political aspect of power, but has been dubiously dipping its nose in policymaking for the purpose of winning elections alone.
  3. The Abramoff-Reed-DeLay crew – Also includes Grover Norquist (who along with Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff were former leaders of the College Republicans together in the 80’s). This group seems to be directly linked to Christian fundamentalist fundraising and propaganda pushing. This group has been taking care of getting the right-wing agenda through Congress.

In the following days, the scandals I illustrate will give a more concrete picture of how these people operate and carry on business. I have to warn you that it paints a very depressing picture of who is actually in charge of this country. But the bastards are starting to crack. A good number of these people are either under investigation or already indicted, you just haven’t heard about it….yet.

Check back in a couple of days!


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