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Bill O’Reilly needs the SINCLAIR TREATMENT after ENCOURAGING terrorist attack on San Francisco

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on November 12, 2005

It worked for Sinclair….

Now it must work regarding Bill O’Reilly.

In response to San Francisco banning military recruiters on college campuses, O’Reilly invites a terrorist attack on the California coastal city. Bill, we already know you are a sexual deviant, what with your love for phone sex and the interplay between falafels, loofahs, and fantasies about female co-workers. But encouraging terror attacks on cities of the United States?

O’Reilly has gone on for far too long, spewing hatred, lies, and propaganda at an alarming pace. This guy shouldn’t even have a job, much less have a national radio show. WE NEED TO TAKE OUT HIS REVENUE BASE. ATTACK THE ADVERTISERS!!!

There is a campaign that has already started at Daily Kos. E-mail the advertisers. Tell them politely you will not tolerate them supporting his third-rate propaganda again. From the diary at Kos:

According to his website, his corporate sponsors are:


Life Quotes, Inc.


Equifax is one of the “Big Three” credit reporting agencies. I sent an email to their Media Relations contact, David Rubinger [david.rubinger at].

Life Quotes, Inc. appears to be part of, Inc., which runs, a “comprehensive online customer insurance information service that caters to the needs of self-directed insurance shoppers.” The two contacts that I sent an email to are the Vice President of Sales, Brian Gibson [brian at], and the Executive Vice President and COO, William V. Thomas [bthoms at]. is a subsidiary of Emigrants Savings Bank. I could not find any contact information other than their main helpdesk [emigrantdirect at]

Tempur-Pedic is the miracle NASA mattress people. I sent my email to them at [marketing at]

So there you have it. The Kossacks are posting the letters they have already wrote as motivation. Here is mine, short & brief:

Dear Bill O’Reilly Sponsor,

I understand that your business is participating in a perfectly legitimate practice of advertising to consumers. However, it is also (although unwittingly) funding hate speech such as that mouthed by veritable lunatic Bill O’Reilly. While I understand that advertising is essential to the survival of your business, it may be time to consider what kind of hate speech you are linking your product to.

O’Reilly, on his latest show, encouraged terrorists such as Osama bin-Laden to attack the city of San Francisco. This is not an isolated incident. O’Reilly peddles slander, attacks, and lies by the minute day after day. I kindly ask you to reconsider your sponsorship of his hate speech.

Best regards,

Please get this campaign started. Also, those of you with websites and blogs, feel free to organize a website to track O’Reilly’s sponsors. If anyone knows the Stop Sinclair people, let them know. They did such a good job with sinclair, and they could do the same coordinating a campaign to end O’Reilly’s crusade of lies.


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