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The Strategy of the Obtuse Right: Do Not Debate. Only Slander or Cry “Victim!!”

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on November 10, 2005

Local Republican: “Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!! I want my mommy!!

I am beginning to think that these right-wingers at Marquette started this paper simply for the sake of creating one gigantic circle jerk of self pity and victimization. This proves my point that this move is more about provoking someone, and less about starting an actual paper.

More attacks from the “angry left,” he says. I’ll tell you what’s angry. This. Weed through this site and see the angry conservatives complain that we can’t use a nuclear bomb to nuke Iraq, how we should line up people with rifles to shoot anyone crossing the border by Mexico, and how all Democrats need to be hung in public and spit on. Do I care what they say about me? I don’t give a damn, because I am not a grown man who cries like a baby and has a victimhood complex who is too cowardly to allow comments on his own blog. Talk about censoring dissent.

At least Mr. McAdams could have tried to debate my points. But no. He cherry picks some statements I and my friends made to make conservatives look like victims, and then he cries. He ignores the point of my post: The desperate yet blatant attempt of the Warrior EIC to baselessly attack the Journal-Sentinel. So, let me ask you, Mr. McAdams…was that not the most pathetic attempt to create a story out of nothing you have ever seen? I’d like to see you actually defend the substance of Sroka’s argument. You can’t, though, because even you have to be admitting to yourself how ridiculous and trivial it was.

Fox News is state sponsored propaganda. Come on, Mr. McAdams. You KNOW who makes their headlines. The White House mails them a list of talking points every day. But this is old news for anyone who follows politics, right or left. The Democrats don’t have their own media news network. You can’t deny that. How is Fox different from Pravda in the old USSR? Both have governments telling them exactly what to say. You claim that the media is liberal, but what “liberal” media outlet plays host to ad hominem attacks by the minute to anyone left of Mao Zedong? What media outlet ONLY plays host to commentary, and not actually news stories? How can you say that the mainstream media is liberal when they cheerled the war in Iraq when it clearly should have been questioned? You’re not one of those delusional Republicans that thinks we are winning over there, are you?

Seriously, dude, it’s fuck or walk. If you have something to say, come and debate me on my blog, since you censor debate on your own. Otherwise, stop crying and whining about liberal “anger” and “attacks.” It’s not an attack, it’s just a passionate debate. What, are you scared? You seem to be. You guys are so glad we are at war, yet when it comes for you chickenhawk cheerleaders to fight, you tuck your chin into mommy’s bosom and cower.


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