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Pravda Junior: Marquette College Republicans Mimic State Sponsored Media

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on November 10, 2005

A new reactionary Republican propaganda outlet, The Warrior, has been created by a cabal of right-wing students at the Marquette University campus. Complete with faux victim complexes already, their apparent plan is to mimic the tactics of Fox News. Despite Republicans being in control of pretty much the whole government and media, these college students feel victimized by the liberals that are hurting them oh so bad. Initially funded by the Leadership Institute (the only thing they lead in is creating state supporting propaganda), The Warrior’s aim is to react to their own fantasized perception of liberal bias in the normal Marquette paper, the Marquette Tribune.

A comical piece shows just how deluded they are in this weak rag on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Read it and laugh. Lacking merit and self-respect, Editor-in-Chief Diana Sroka engages in a diatribe so trivial, one must conclude that her objective is simply to trash the Journal-Sentinel any way she can.

The ridiculousness of this article prompted the chief editor of truth > lies to fire off a rapid response, alerting Sroka to her own self-delusions in the hope of exorcising her soul from the grips of extreme conservative propaganda. The rapid response e-mail can be seen below:

Your story criticizing the Journal-Sentinel is hilarious. While point number one may be accurate (but is hardly relevant), points two and three are ridiculous.

In point two, you criticize the Journal for getting information from an unreliable source: your own business manager. Oh lord. I can’t believe you even mentioned that.

Point three….hahaha. Although you may not mention in your paper that you are backers of the Republican party, it is pretty obvious from your statements on other blogs. You don’t refute the Journal’s statement, you divert attention to the fact that your paper doesn’t say implicitly that it is a Republican paper. But are you almost unanimously Republicans? Only you know the truth. A truth-teller would have said, “Here is evidence that we have as many liberal viewpoints as conservative ones on our staff.” A liar would have said, “The Warrior does not state in any mission statement or letter from the editor any affiliation to a particular political party.” So just because you don’t admit to something means it is not true? I see you have learned a lot from I. Lewis Libby, George Bush, and Dick Cheney.

You must ask yourself what you intend to do in this paper. Are you really trying to inform people of news, or are you trying to mislead people with slanted coverage. While your printed words (or lack thereof) say one thing, your actions are very thinly veiled.

So I ask in closing:
How long are you and your staff going to continue to embarrass yourself with this transparent charade of untruth you are putting on? The first step toward answering that question accurately is to be honest with yourself.

Hopefully, Sroka will get the message.


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  1. Bru said,

    I posted on Robola’s site a comment about how St. Thomas also had a conservative newspaper funded by some outside institute. It was basically a diatribe-in-ink against abortion.

    It is their right to have a politically-charged paper, even if it is filled with lies, as long as no harmful slander is occurring. The impetus is to ignore them or start a progressive paper with better ethical/truth standards to counter this rag.

    In any case, there is little more than humor value in these types of conservative ventrilloquist-doll papers. Humor that they will clutch Ayn Rand’s political philosophy with all their might to hide from the downfall of the conservative ideology that is occurring today.

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