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A belated Fitzmas post. Maybe…

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on October 30, 2005

Now that Fitzmas has come and past, we know that charges of treason and crimes committed by high ranking White House officials are serious, and not just some loony left-wing fantasy.

Now that we know there were no WMD in Iraq, we also know that opposing the war does not make you a left-wing whacko that hates America and wants to “sympathize with terrorists” as Karl Rove put it.

Speaking of Karl Rove, he is still under investigation. Even though right-wing broken record Sean Hannity has said otherwise, Rove is still in a heap of trouble and may be indicted any day.

But to summarize the indictments of Fitzmas, indictments have finally been handed down after 2 years of investigation. I. Lewis Libby is the top aide to Vice President Cheney. He was indicted for five counts (2 for Perjury, 2 for False Statements, and 1 for Obstruction of Justice) in the CIA leak case investigating the exposure of undercover agent Valerie Plame. Karl Rove seems to have escaped indictment for now, but Fitzgerald is not finished with the investigation, and will be calling a new grand jury next week. Libby was instrumental in building up the false case for war against Iraq.

Here you can view a PDF of the actual indictments.

Despite the right wing spin, these indictments are very serious, and represent a breech of national security by the White House itself for purely political purposes. Since Libby repeatedly lied to investigators inside and outside the courtroom, he has hindered prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s attempts to fix a problem with national security. There is a condensed video of Fitzgerald’s press conference here. I reccomend it highly.


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  1. Robola said,

    I think from what I’ve read elsewhere that Fitzgerald is hoping to pressure Libby into testifying against Cheney. It’s clear that there’s a rift between Bush and Cheney, with Rove apparently squealing enough last week to avoid being indicted as of yet. Now that Libby has been thrown away by the conservative press, Fitzgerald may have a psychological edge in that Libby may now realize that he’s been abandoned and will be ruined if he takes the fall for this. There’s obviously many ways this could turn, but I could see Libby cracking and taking a plea, followed by even more indictments.

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