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Rove is GUILTY! The best evidnece so far.

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on October 15, 2005

Anyone can speculate as to whether or not Karl Rove is going to be indicted or not regarding the Valerie Plame CIA leak case. Obviously, to be indicted, it must be proven that he knowingly revealed Plame’s identity. We don’t know if Patrick Fitzgerald has proof of that or not.

But sometimes the best way to tell if someone is guilty or not is from their behavior. And as we can see from this turn of events, he looks guilty as hell. Rove has canceled his appearance at a fundraiser for Jerry Kilgore, the Republican nominee for Virginia governor.

There it was, smack in the middle of the first page: The man scheduled to deliver the keynote address in support of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Jerry W. Kilgore would be Karl Rove, the White House senior adviser who is embroiled in the investigation of a leak that revealed the name of a CIA operative. Tickets were hot. The press was barred.

But soon after party activists sat down inside the ballroom of the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner, it was announced that Rove had been scratched from the lineup. No detailed reason was given. The 300 breakfasters listened instead to Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Now why would he cancel this if he didn’t think indictments were coming. This is unlike Rove’s modus operandi. Could you see Rove dropping out if he thought he was going to walk away scott free? I just can’t. If he wanted to make a statement to the Republican party and its constituants that he is not worried about any indictments, he would speak at this fundraiser anyways. If he is going to be indicted, obviously, he will tarnish the Kilgore campaign a week later if he is raising money for Kilgore.

So we can judge from his behavior that he is guilty. No one knows Rove’s perils right now better than Rove and his lawyer (other than Fitzgerald and the jury, but they are not talking). So we might as well get our information from Rove himself.


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