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Republican House candidate running on IMPEACHMENT platform!

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on October 14, 2005

In my city, if you are out at the bar and you see a beautiful girl sitting by herself, you have approximately 2 minutes to go up and talk to her before someone else does. If you are hesitant, get shy, or are just waiting for the right opportunity, someone else is going to start up a conversation with her, get her number, and you will be left hanging out to dry. The lesson is “When you see a chance, you take it.” (Homage to Steve Winwood intended). Otherwise, someone else will.

Well, the impeachment issue is our beautiful, lonely looking girl at the bar, sitting all by herself. And the Republicans are now eying her up. Before the Mires nomination, this would never have happened. No one would have even thought about it. But now that the Republican base is splitting, there will certainly be talk of impeachment by the right. In fact, they may even take it up as their OWN issue!

The Rutalnd Herald of Vermont reports:

“A Congressional candidate who wants to impeach President Bush insists he can win the Republican primary.

Dennis Morrisseau, 62, of West Pawlet, plans to seek the Republican nomination to run for U.S. House of Representatives. The seat is being vacated by Rep. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., who plans a run for the U.S. Senate.

A central part of his platform, Morrisseau said, will be bringing articles of impeachment against Bush.”

While the conservative base gets more angry with Bush, they are distancing themselves with him. The more distance they put between Bush and conservatives, the closer they come to claiming the impeachment issue. Democrats are losing time to claim this as their own issue. The recent poll results show that there is a majority of people that could easily support an impeachment.

So why, can I ask, aren’t we hearing about that from Democrats? It’s time to hear from the leaders of our party speculating publicly about impeachment. This organization is criminal, and it has gone too far! We need to create a set of talking points about impeachment. Let me suggest a few:

  • There has been corruption in previous administrations, but the Bush administration is pushing new limits on corruption.

  • The American people deserve to know the truth, and if Bush won’t tell them, than put someone in office that will.

  • How can we fight terror if the American people can’t trust their President to tell the truth about why we went to war?

We are sitting around at the bar talking about “Oh…the luck…” and swirling around what’s left in our glass. We are thinking “Maybe I should go over and talk to that girl at the end of the bar” but then we are making excuses not to, and wondering why we are still single. It’s time to get that girl’s number, and start a long lasting relationship with impeachment proceedings. Before the old-school conservatives do.

I would like to remind everyone skeptical of a Republican turncoattery that this present administration has done someting unprescedented in the history of America: we have been the sole instigator of a major war. The US doesn’t start wars, but that is exactly what Bush did. Moreover, he lied on many, many occasions to his base about why we needed to go to war. The Plame leak will directly implicate this administration not only of playing dirty politics, not only of breaking the law, but of lying to the public to fool them into supporting a war in Iraq. And the Abramoff investigaton is next.

Bush’s support is a house of cards. His base supports him because that is the thing to do when your country is in grave danger, and when it is at war. But his policies (and attempts at policies) such as preventing universal healthcare, attacking Social Security, runaway spending, ignoring immigration problems and much, much more are hurting his base. Their support is as hollow as a house of cards just waiting for someone to blow it over. My take on the present criticism of the White House from BOTH sides of the political spectrum (something unheard of in Bush’s tenure) is that conservatives already sense the impending doom. They are already trying to distance themselves. And it’s time the Democrats familiarize themselves with both a backbone and the term “impeachment.”


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