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Time for Jim Sensenbrenner to get the axe – Bryan Kennedy for Congress

Posted in Uncategorized by johnnycougar on October 12, 2005

Jim Sensenbrenner is the perfect example of a corrupt Republican sitting in a gerrymandered district, and because of that he has never been challenged. His corruption reeks to high heaven, and his deficit-spending ass needs to get the axe.

Bryan Kennedy, a teacher at my Alma Mater, is taking him on in Wisconsin district 05, and needs the help of Kossacks. He has already released one ad attacking Sensenbrenner on supporting funding for Tsunami victims, but not New Orleans victims.
You can see it here:

Kennedy is a strong, progressive candidate, but he is fighting in a conservative district. It is an uphill battle, but it is one the Kos community has fought before. In 2004, he surprised everyone by garnering more votes than ever for a Democrat in his district. This year, he is better organized, and already has some name recognition.

Kennedy supports General Wes Clark’s stance on the war: that it was the result of a lack of foresight and that it was a huge mistake in planning. He is for raising pay for soldiers, wants to fight against gerrymandering districts to the point where they are not competitive, and he has strong support from labor. He is also a harsh critic of the patriot act. He supports equal pay for women, and wants to strengthen dometic abuse penalties. He knows how to win in a conservative district, he just needs the support. If you want to know more, visit:

Thanks for your time, and please help Wisconsin get rid of Jim Sensenbrenner!


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